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Here's the Team

Lead Pastors

Scott and Michelle Kiekover

with their children Sarah, Shelby & Seth


Scott C. Kiekover was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan. He met his wife, Michelle, at RHEMA Bible College. They both graduated from RHEMA in 1995 and married afterwards in Michelle‘s hometown of Klamath Falls, Oregon.

After serving in a church in Michigan for 3 years and the birth of their first child, Sarah, they moved to Montana in December of 1998 to pioneer ZOE Bible Church.  The pioneering of ZBC began in June of 1999 and it continues to grow more each day.  God blessed them with two more children, Shelby in 2000 and Seth in 2002.  They invite you to come grow with them and be a part of the ZBC Family and live life together!

Head Usher/Security - Michael Ruger

LIVE Youth Team Leader -  Pastor Scott

Nursery Coordinator - Melissa Ruger

Prison Ministry Team Leaders - Scott & Michelle Kiekover

ZOE Kidz Ministry Director - Michelle Kiekover

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