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"LIVE Youth" Teen ministry



   ZOE Bible Church offers ministry to teens ages 13-18 every Wednesday night at 7 p.m.  Multiple events

   and activities are provided throughout the year for teens to participate in, serve and connect with other youth.

   We schedule our services in such a way that will train up and disciple our youth into a close, intimate walk with              God so they are ready to live a life of Christian service for Him.  Many of our activities & events are outside the four      walls of our church so teens have the opportunity for hands on use of their faith in a practical way.  They also have          that same opportunity within the church.  We encourage our teens to get involved in ministry by serving at the youth        services and Sunday services.  Many of our youth serve on the following teams:  Worship, Children's                Ministry, Ushers and AV.  They also do announcements, offering messages, work in the cafe, lead activities & games,      and lead Real Team small groups.


   The following is a breakdown of what our youth ministry provides:

   1.  Spiritual instruction - spiritual growth & discipleship are happening!

   2.  Small groups - spiritual growth, discipleship and relationships are happening!

   3.  Activities & Fun - Great activities are planned for fun and to build relationships!

   4.  Community Service Nights - It's a goal of ours to train up our teens to go out into the community
        to serve in some capacity, w
hether at a nursing home, at Family Services to fold clothes, neighborhood
        evangelism & canvassing, 
whatever the need may be, we want to do it!

   5.  Youth Connect/Workshops - This is where we want to connect with other youth groups by either joining

        them for their youth service or inviting them to join us.  We also want to periodically provide workshops during

        the year to teach teens valuable life skills.


   We invite you to come and be a part of what God is doing in our young people.  We'd love to see you there!


   Keep reading below for more information and stay connected to what's going on in LIVE Youth by checking

   back often or by visiting the Facebook page that's on the "Resources & Fun Links" page at the top of the screen.

Join us on Wednesday nights to connect with other young people and make new friends by attending the Teen Bible Study at 6:30 p.m.

Parent Release Form
Just click on the release form above to download and print.

If you would like to join the Youth team and help make a difference for Christ in the lives of our young people, please contact the church office at 860-0618.

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